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Release 2.3.0

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Release 2.3.0- Changelog 

We are back with another release. Rahat September release is mostly focused on the feedback/ suggestions by the stakeholders of Rahat application.

Rahat Mobilizer app 

Rahat is introducing a new application in the ecosystem, Rahat Mobilizer app.The urge for the Mobilizer app was seen during the recent pilot of Rahat. Rahat Mobilizer app will be used by the social mobilizer, volunteers of the Relief distribution project, to onboard the beneficiary in the project on the spot.

Previously, social mobilizers used to look for the beneficiaries who need the Aid material. Afterward, the list of beneficiaries was sent to the aid agency. The aid agency was the only one who could onboard the beneficiary to the project. Rahat Mobilizer app will eliminate a business process, sending the beneficiary list to aid agency. Now, Mobilizers, themselves, will be able to onboard the beneficiary to the relief distribution process. 

In this Release, we have worked on the phase 1 development of the Mobilizer app. The basic feature of the mobilizer app are: registration of the Mobilizer account,  onboarding Beneficires to the project, Issuing tokens to the onboarded beneficiaries, and view the transaction details. Every Mobilizer account will be assigned to a particular project. All the onboarding and issuing tokens will be done from the assigned projects only.

social mobilizer app 1.0

Agency will be overseeing all the activities of the Mobilizer. Agency approves the registration of the mobilizer in the Agency, assigns the project to the mobilizer. Afterward, the agency will be able to view all the transactionsMobilizersizer through the agency app. This release also occupies the development of the Mobilizer section in the agency app. Basic User Interface in the Mobilizer section is updated in the release. 

In Rahat, we have two different ways to onboard the beneficiary. One is registering beneficiaries using their phone number. And if the beneficiaries do not have phones, they are onboarded through a QR code. Since the Mobilizer app can onboard the Beneficiary, Agency needs to provide the Qr code to the mobilizer so that they can onboard Beneficiary who does not have a Phone. This release also occupies a new feature in the agency app where Agency can generate QR code that is not assigned to any beneficiary. The pre-generated QR code will be handed over to Mobilizer for onboarding the beneficiary using the QR code. 

Agency App Improvements 

We have some minor changes in the agency app in the September release. 

  • Display Registration Date- Time 

Earlier, agency users could not view the registration date of the Vendor, Mobilizers, and Beneficiary which had created difficulty for the users to track the concerned stakeholders. We have added a column in the list of stakeholders where Agency users can view the Registration Date and Time. 

social mobilizer app 1.1

  • Beneficiary Search by the project. 

We have enabled a search feature where Agency app users can search the beneficiary by Project. Previously, we only had Search by Name and Search by Phone number enabled in Beneficiary Section.

User Management 

One of the main focuses of this release in Rahat was Agency User Sign up. Previously, the users of agency, admin and project, managers were on board by the existing user of the agency app. New Users of the agency app would provide their Rumsan wallet account to the Admin of the agency app and the admin would create an account for the Users. But now, Sign up process has been implemented in the Agency app. New Users can send the registration request to the agency themselves. New Users just need to scan the QR code of the Agency login page, fill up the registration form and submit it. After the agency approves the request, new users will be assigned to their roles, Admin or Project Manager, and New Users will be successfully onboarded to the agency application. 

The implementation of Sign up process has eliminated the business process of back and forth communication between Agency Admin and New Users. 

Multi Token System (Rahat-Contracts)

Rahat Contracts now support ERC20 and ERC1155 Token Standards which can be regulated within the Rahat system. Both tokens can function seamlessly in every Rahat process at the Smart Contract level.

An ERC20 token is treated as the Fungible token and can be pegged to any coins/Fiat currency within the Rahat ecosystem

ERC1155 is used to represent the Non-Fungible token and can be used to represent any commodity or goods used within the Rahat ecosystem.

Considering the technical challenges faced to manage the gas fees to be paid by Vendors and Mobilizers during the Rahat processes, the Rahat contract now offers the options for the agency to relay all the transactions of Vendors and Mobilizers. They can simply sign the transaction to be executed and delegate it to the relayers of the agency who facilitates to pay their transaction fees enabling the meta-transaction for vendors and mobilizers.

Bug fixes

Along with the improvements, we have resolved some of the minor bugs in the application. Here are the bug fixes:

- Fix Error while manually adding mobilizer

For more details, you can view our Release Note. 

To know about our next release updates, you can go through our Issue Board 

Last Update: 09/29/2021