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Release 2.7.0

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With the new beginning of the year, Rahat is here with its new Release 2.7.0. This release was mostly focused on the development of Rahat’s new tool, Aid Connect, and the integration of NFT in the Social Mobilizer app.

Aid Connect

Aid Connect is a mobile responsive Beneficiary Registration Tool that is used to collect the Beneficiary data by people or organization who is not associated with an aid agency. With the help of the Beneficiary Registration Tool, people outside the aid agency can collect the data of beneficiaries and send the data to Agency app.

Talking about the functionality, the Rahat Agency app will have an Aid connect section where they will be able to generate a random link in regards to the project.

Rahat Agency App Nav Bar

Aid Connect in Naviagation Bar of Rahat Agency App

Rahat Agency App Aid connect

Aid Connect in Rahat Agency App

This link will be forwarded to the data collector through a communication medium like email, messenger. Now, the Data collector will open the link where they will be able to add the beneficiary, view the list of beneficiaries, edit or delete the data if required. After reviewing all the information, the data collector will send the data to the Rahat agency app.

Aid Connect

Aid Connect Tool used by Data collector

Now, the data sent from the Aid connect will be sent to the beneficiary onboarding area i.e Aid Connect section. Now, the Agency will review all the beneficiary data and only the valid beneficiaries will be onboard to the Rahat ecosystem. In this way, an individual or organization who is not a part of the agency can send the beneficiary data to Rahat Agency. To know more about Aid connect, Click Here

NFT integration in Mobilizer app

In our Release 2.5.0, we had started developing NFT module (Non-fungible Token) in our Rahat Applications. In this release, we have integrated the NFT module in Rahat mobilizer App, one of the applications of Rahat. Now, Social Mobilizers can issue NFT to the beneficiary. In a simpler term, Social mobilizers can issue specific aid material in form of a Package to the beneficiary. Aid agencies will create a package/NFT that represents aid material or a group of aid material to be distributed to beneficiaries. Then social mobilizer will issue the package to beneficiaries using the Mobilizer app.

For more details, you can view our Release Note

To know about our next release updates, you can go through our Issue Board