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Release 2.8.0

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Welcome to Rahat’s monthly Release cycle. Release 2.8.0 is more focused on building a communication platform for your contributors and a few improvements and bug fixes.

Rahat in Discord

Rahat is an open-source blockchain-based platform working to create an environment where our community can effectively explore, create innovative and open aid distribution technology services that are inclusive, accountable, and accessible for everyone. We are a community of contributors - developers, volunteers, researchers, and the humanitarian sector including employees of Rumsan Associates.

Rahat has joined Discord in order for everyone to have synchronous communication. If you want to contribute, provide suggestions/feedback, or stay up-to-date about Rahat, you can join our Discord channel.

➡️Click here to join.

Good first Issues for Starters

Rahat, being an open-source platform, we want everyone to contribute their work voluntarily to our project. So, The team of Rahat has identified some of the good first issues for our developers to make their first contribution to open-source.

➡️View Rahat good first Issues Here

Notification feature

In Rahat 2.8.0 Release, we have added a notification feature for Agency App. From now onwards, agencies will be notified whenever new vendors or social mobilizers request for registration in Rahat. They will receive real-time notification in the Agency application and the System User of agency app will also receive an email notification.

In-app notification in Agency Dashboard

Image:In-app notification in Agency Dashboard

Email notification to Agency

Image: Email notification to Agency

Token issued SMS to Beneficiary

In the Rahat aid distribution cycle, the aid agency issues tokens to the Beneficiary’s mobile number. Previously, Social mobilizers or Aid agencies had to personally call or inform all the Beneficiaries about the aid distribution which was not efficient.

Hence, Rahat has released a feature where the beneficiary will receive an SMS after the agency issues them token to their registered mobile number.

Bugs fixes

We have resolved some of the bugs of the Rahat application. Here is the list of bug fixes:

  • Fix Websocket error on Qr login. #158
  • Fix AidConnect Beneficiary import to projects. #146
  • Resolved design issue of passcode model, updated user role design. #157
  • Refactored Wallet Setup and Code cleanup.#66
  • beneficiary list component bug fix. #49

For more details, you can view our Release Note

To know about our next release updates, you can go through our Issue Board