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Release 2.9.0

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Hello everyone, we are back with our monthly release. In the Month of March, we were focused more on documenting Rahat and minor improvements and bug fixes.

Rahat Knowledge Base

In Release 2.9.0, we have restructured and released Rahat documentation site v1.2. The site will provide you with detailed information about Rahat from a technical standpoint. This document aims to be a collection of all Rahat documentation and unlike blockchain this is mutable.

The structure of the document has been inspired by various open-source projects mainly - and Check these great open source projects out.

Rahat documentation v1.2

Bug fixes

We have resolved some of the bugs in the Rahat application. Here is the list of bug fixes:

  • Fix Tx History To/From Mismatch
  • Handle error on failed SMS
  • Fix Error on Bulk Beneficiary Upload from Project Details
  • Fix Contract assets naming conflicts in Rahat-vendor

For more details, you can view our Release Note.

To know about our next release updates, you can go through our [Issue Board] (