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Release 2.11.0

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Welcome to the Rahat May Release. The major upgrade in Rahat this month is the deployment of the Crowdfunding tool along with some minor bug fixes.

Rahat Crowdfunding platform

Rahat Crowdfunding platform is a web-based blockchain-supported platform for the beneficiaries to organize an online fundraising campaign to collect the amount. With the help of Rahat crowdfunding platform, one can organize a campaign for needy people and collect the fund. On the other hand, people can donate amounts to fundraising campaigns.

One of the best things about the Rahat crowdfunding platform is it is an independent platform where anyone can create their fundraising account and create campaigns. The fundraiser does not have to be Rahat's agency.

Click here to visit Rahat crowdfunding Website.

Rahat crowdfunding website

Rahat crowdfunding platform has two types of users. Fundraiser who will organize the fundraising campaign Donor who will donate funds to the campaign


It is necessary for a fundraise to create an account on the platform to organize the campaign. So, the first step to becoming a Rahat fundraiser is to Sign up using email. Then, the user will Sign in to the account using the registered email address and One-Time Password sent to the email as a verification process.

After login into the website, the fundraiser can create a Campaign by going to My fundraiser. My fundraiser

While creating a campaign, the fundraiser will fill in all the details about the campaign and publish it. The published fundraising campaign will be listed in Donate section. Donate

At the moment, Rahat's crowdfunding platform only supports crypto donations. You need to select your preferred blockchain network and enter the wallet address while filling up the campaign creation form.


If you want to donate to the published fundraising campaign, you can just go to the particular campaign and donate. To donate, at first, you will have to select the preferred blockchain network, and fill in the details (optional). Donate To transfer the fund, you have two options. The first one is, that you can donate it through Metamask wallet or you can Scan the QR code through your wallet app and donate.

Donate through wallet

Through Rahat crowdfunding platform, Donors can read about the need and donate to the beneficiary directly, without having to go through multiple organizations in the middle. The fund will instantly be transferred through the blockchain network. Blockchain will make the whole process secure and efficient along with cheaper or free transaction fees.

To know more about Crowdfunding, read our blog Introduction to crowdfunding

Start a fundraiser Campaign with Rahat here.

If you have any feedback/suggestions to our crowdfunding tool, feel free to add your comments as an issue HERE.

Bugs fixes

We have resolved some of the bugs of the Rahat application. Here is the list of bug fixes:

  • vendor and mobilizer reporting data #181
  • fixed contract deploy through api #183

For more details, you can view our Release Note

To know about our next release updates, you can go through our [Issue Board] (