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Rahat release version 2.1.0

We’re very excited to share that Rahat will be posting release blogs for new features and improvements every month. In this release, we have improvised the User Experience for Rahat agency app, Reporting, updated User Management, and resolved minor bugs.

Improvisation of User Experience

The foremost accomplishment of every application is a better user experience. With constant feedback and suggestions from the end-user, we realize how we can improvise the user experience. In Rahat 2.0, we have updated our Rahat Agency App with a better UI. The whole Agency app has been redesigned with a much better look and feel. Along with that, a Bulk Token Issue token has been added to the system which helps to issue tokens to beneficiaries at once.


When you log in to your application, the first thing you want to see would be your overall status. In this version of the Rahat Agency App, we have done the same. We have updated the Dashboard of App so that you can analyze the overview of your application immediately after logging in. As you log in to the Rahat Agency app, you can track the status of the agency in the dashboard through numbers and charts. You can also Export the chart for your future reference. Moreover, in this version, you can also track the tokens that are redeemed by the Vendors of Rahat. The new reporting improvement is aligned with most of the overview of the Agency app.

User Management Update

In previous versions of the Agency App, we only had Admin as the user role. From several pilots and feedback, we saw the need for different roles in the application. So, we have added a Manager role for this release. The manager of the Agency app will have certain restrictions in the application. They will not be able to access the project section of the Agency app.

Bug fixes

Along with the improvements, we have resolved some of the minor bugs in the application. Here are the bug fixes:

  • Fix pagination of the beneficiary table while filtering beneficiary.
  • Add permission to user roles.
  • Reload login QR-code if the web-socket client id expires.
  • Role update and bug fixes.

For more details, you can view our Release Note

Last Update: 07/28/2021