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Brand Guidelines

Our company’s brand is our identity and foundation of how we present ourselves to the world. We want to present ourselves in cohesive manner in various communication medium. Our brand conveys our values, mission and our identity. We want to portray it in the best possible way.

Our Brand Story

Hello this is our BRAND and here’s what we do.

Rahat (relief in Nepali) is an open source blockchain-based token cash and voucher assistance platform. Rahat manages and monitors the flow of transactions in token distribution projects maintaining end to end transparency for humanitarian agencies who need a transparent, efficient and cheaper way to distribute cash or goods in emergency response.

This is our MISSION and VISION.


A world where aid distribution is inclusive, accountable and accessible for everyone.


Our mission is to support vulnerable communities by enabling a transparent and trackable aid distribution platform built on blockchain technology.


We are a community of contributors - developers, volunteers, researchers and the humanitarian sector including employees of Rumsan Associates. We create an environment where our community can effectively explore, create innovative and open aid distribution technology services which are inclusive, accountable and accessible for everyone.

Rahat Logo


Good typography can help build a visual hierarchy, make text easier to read, and communicate a brand’s personality. We use typography to communicate our values.

We have used the font OPEN SANS. We chose for the open sans typeface for its humanist nature which is characterized by low contrast between thin and thick strokes, loose letter spacing, and wide counters, making them more legible for small-sized text

There is no thick/thin transition in the strokes, they are the same thickness the whole way around. The result is a sans serif typeface with multiple variants and multiple possibilities of use, both in the publishing world as well as for branding etc.

Rahat Typography

Color Palette

Rahat Color Palatte

Last updated : 11/15/2021