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Version: 1.0

Rahat - Blockchain based Aid Distribution

Rahat is a blockchain-based digital relief distribution management platform for humanitarian agencies to support marginalized communities. It issues, manages and monitors relief distribution in the form of digital tokens. It creates a transparent, efficient and cheaper way to distribute cash or goods. It mobilizes the local community encouraging financial resilience and freedom. For more information, please visit

Rahat’s main features are:

  • Dashboard for aid agencies to issue relief tokens to recipients & to onboard local community vendors. Agencies can audit all transactional information real-time.
  • Mobile based wallet app for local vendors to initiate & record relief token transaction in a blockchain network & cash transfer from banks.
  • A SMS feature for recipients to receive their token and/or assigned digital card with QR code to buy relief products from participating local merchants.
  • Transaction data in blockchain network to verify the flow of tokens.
  • A platform for local authorities & aid agencies to connect.

Rahat Introduction

Rahat video

How does Rahat work?

How Rahat works

Last updated: 11/15/2021