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Version: 2.1

Developer Guide

Welcome to the developer guide section !!!

This section is focused to help developers who want to either integrate the Rahat API in their products or want to improve Rahat itself by developing new features or fixing bugs.

Before you start contributing to Rahat, please thoroughly read the Contribution Guideline.

Getting Started

This guide will help you set up a development environment to start working on the Rahat application.

Rahat is a blockchain-based application with node-js as backend and uses truffle as a tool to compile. It uses MongoDB as a database for regular non-blockchain data persistence and solidity smart contract to execute transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

You can get started with Good First Issues in Rahat projects and help you make your first contribution to open-source. If you are a beginner or want to start contributing to Rahat get started with our good first issues. The issues labeled as good first issues are verified by the developers of Rahat for the newcomers who want to contribute to Rahat.

To get detailed information,you can go through Rahat - Software Requirement Specification Document Here.