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Version: 1.0

Beneficiary Registration Tool


Rahat has multiple stakeholders cohesively working to make sure that the relief reaches the needy ones efficiently and timely. Along with Aid agencies, vendors, and beneficiaries, the local governments and organizations can also play a vital role as they can identify people who are in immediate need of relief and connect them to the aid distributor. This is where beneficiary registration is important. We are planning to release the Beneficiary Registration Tool in Q3 of 2021.

Beneficiary Registration Tool

This tool helps local authorities and organizations in affected communities to register beneficiaries with Rahat, which can then be utilized by Aid agencies to provide relief through Rahat Systems. It will also have a KYC module to properly verify the identity of the beneficiaries, which can be reused as necessary.

How Beneficiary Registration Tool connects with Rahat Systems?

Rahat Beneficiary Tool

The document currently work in progress and expected to complete in Q3 - 2021