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Version: 1.1

Integrating Rahat with External Services

In order to make Rahat a useful and easy-to-use platform for aid agencies and organizations, we are integrating other services that are already in use by the humanitarian agencies. such as KoboToolbox, Excel, Google sheet. The integration allows users a better user experience as they do not need to redo the work in Rahat applications. Currently, Rahat has integrated KoboToolbox and Excel/Google Sheet in the application.


KoBotoolbox, an open-source suite for data collection, is mostly used by humanitarian, aid organizations for data collection. The main motive to integrate the KoBotoolbox in the Rahat Agency app was to collect the data of beneficiaries online and offline. Moreover, this will also let onboarded aid agencies import their already existing data entered from KobotoolBox into the agency app. The integration of Kobotool Box allows non-users of aid agencies to onboard the beneficiary in the Rahat ecosystem.

Google Sheet

Google Sheet/Excel is the most used data collection tool worldwide. Integration of Google Sheet in Rahat lets the agencies upload the excel formatted file containing the data of beneficiaries. This has improved the user experience as the aid agency can onboard a large number of beneficiaries at a time.

The document is work in progress.

Last updated: 12/15/2021